Saturday, June 17, 2017

Privacy vs. Security: Council debates merits of library video surveillance system; Planet Princeton, June 15, 2017

Andrew Goldstein, Planet Princeton; Privacy vs. Security: Council debates merits of library video surveillance system

"Crumiller asked whether library patrons have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Councilwoman Heather Howard said they do not when in public spaces, and that the security cameras have been useful when items are stolen at the library.

Butler wanted to know who has access to the surveillance recordings once they are made. She said the library is known as a place that seeks to protect personal freedom and it keeps private what people view online there.  “They’ve been a staunch supporter of access to all sorts of materials people want to limit on public computers,” she said, adding that she wants more legal research done about the issue.

Councilman Lance Liverman said surveillance in the library has been standard for a long time, and has been for other public  buildings. The money would go to upgrading the cameras already on site, not installing a new system, he said.

“The more I think about it the more I think the opposite (about privacy),” Liverman said. “My kids go to the library all the time. I’m worried about safety. We live in a different country today than years ago. With child abductions and whatever else may be out three I’d rather have the safety of knowing my daughter is there.”"

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