Monday, June 5, 2017

IoT Devices Becoming More Important in Criminal Investigations; Inside Counsel, June 1, 2017

Amanda Ciccatelli, Inside Counsel; IoT Devices Becoming More Important in Criminal Investigations

"In addition, an area of the law which will evolve because of IoT being utilized in court is privacy law. Fitbit's privacy policies clearly state that they will cooperate with a legal subpoena or warrant. Moreover, they outline that user’s information will be stored unless the account is completely closed, and even then, the information will only be destroyed per the company's regular maintenance schedule. Accordingly, users have consented to this application.

She explained, “Users of IoT need be cognizant of the fact that these very personal devices, worn by us every minute of the day or listening in our homes, come at a very real privacy cost…If IoT is in use, users must balance the risk that their data will be used in court."

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