Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Who Oversees The President's Ethics? Here's Our List; NPR, March 27, 2017

Alina Selyukh, Lucia Maffei, NPR; 

Who Oversees The President's Ethics? Here's Our List

"As NPR and other media outlets continue to cover these concerns and conflicts of interest, a question frequently arises: Who oversees the ethics of the president and other high-ranking officials? Who has the power to investigate or enforce ethics rules and laws?

The answer can be as entangled as the government bureaucracies involved. Of course, the media, whistleblowers and the courts are key elements of the accountability ecosystem. A number of agencies or government bodies also have a hand in holding presidents and appointees accountable on ethics and conflicts of interest. But a few play an outsize role — though only some of them have direct purview over the activities of the president.

Below is a reference sheet."

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