Friday, March 3, 2017

The EU Is Fighting A Lopsided Battle Against Russian Disinformation; Huffington Post, March 3, 2017

Nick Robins-Early, Huffington Post; 

The EU Is Fighting A Lopsided Battle Against Russian Disinformation

"The Lisa case is an extreme example of what analysts say is a sprawling campaign of Russian disinformation that seeks to influence European Union politics and sow discord among voters. It’s a problem that European governments are increasingly concerned about, but one they are struggling to produce an effective way to counter...

The EU vowed this year to expand its efforts to defend against false reports, as upcoming elections in FranceGermany and the Netherlands raise the stakes on misinformation influencing voters. In November, the European Parliament passed a motion that called on the EU and member states to do more to counter Russian “disinformation and propaganda warfare.” Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the bloc of trying to silence dissenting opinions.

But the European Union views the threat of disinformation as a serious challenge. In January, EU politicians pledged to give more funding for an 11-person task force set up in 2015 called East Stratcom, which aims to address Russian disinformation and highlight its distortions. The task force issues weekly newsletters on disinformation campaigns, makes viral-style explainer videos on how false reports spread and fact checks suspect news stories." 

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