Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cleveland Clinic doc pens viral screed against vaccines, peers call it ‘post-truth medicine’; Washington Post, 1/10/17

Ben Guarino, Washington Post; Cleveland Clinic doc pens viral screed against vaccines, peers call it ‘post-truth medicine’

"An immense organization, the hospital operates a multi-specialty campus in Ohio and several medical centers around the globe. The hospital is well-known for robotic innovation, too, as well as its cardiac care. In 2015, the clinic had more than 6.6 million patient visits and revenue of $7.2 billion.

After becoming the director of the Wellness Institute, Neides secured a long-running monthly column at He published more than two dozen articles for the website since January 2014. And no one at the website edited or approved a particular article, according to Chris Quinn, a vice president.

“Possibly, before the thing caught widescale attention, we would have unpublished it and sought revisions,” Quinn wrote on Monday. “That’s hindsight, though, so I can’t say for sure.” (The only editorial note on the blog post itself indicates that the article was briefly removed before being restored.)

Neides, in addition to damning formaldehyde, raised the specter of the widely debunked claim that there is a link between vaccine and autism."

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