Saturday, December 31, 2016

Global Press Freedom Has Taken An ‘Unbelievable’ Hit This Year; Huffington Post, 12/29/16

Jesselyn Cook, Huffington Post; 

Global Press Freedom Has Taken An ‘Unbelievable’ Hit This Year:

"The freedom of information advocacy group, also known as Reporters Sans Frontières, ranks 180 countries’ levels of press freedom to produce an overall world evaluation. Between 2013 and the start of this year, the global score plummeted by 13.6 percent. Factors evaluated by the group ― all of which worsened during this period ― include media independence, transparency and censorship, among others. The final grade for 2016 has yet to be calculated and released, but the overall picture is grim...

A large group of press freedom organizations recently penned an open letter to President-elect Donald Trump, whom the Committee to Protect Journalists has already declared a “threat to press freedom.” The incoming leader of the free world has continuously berated and vilified the “disgusting” media, and denied press credentials to news organizations that covered his campaign in ways that displeased him."

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