Tuesday, July 4, 2017

GDPR Mastered: Preparing For History’s Biggest Data Privacy Revolution; Data economy, June 29, 2017

João Marques Lima, Data Economy; GDPR Mastered: Preparing For History’s Biggest Data Privacy Revolution

"Are GDPR sanctions enough to deter companies and make them change their behaviour?

SF: It has already got their attention. It certainly is the one area where C-level executives are starting to pay attention. Four percent of a global annual revenue is pretty substantial and will put some companies out of business.
It will still be those large multinational organisations that their entire business relies on data that will try to push back and in their head they might think: there is no way we will be fined this.
However, what is going to happen is that the data protection authority is going to look for that first case, and that first case that they find, that first company that they can actually hold it accountable and sanction will become the poster child to get companies to rethink their position. They cannot be arrogant any longer."

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