Tuesday, May 30, 2017

GLCR concerned for member safety and privacy after smoking bylaw change; Regina Leader-Post, May 30, 2017

Craig Baird, Regina Leader-Post; GLCR concerned for member safety and privacy after smoking bylaw change

"“In the past, and sometimes in very recent times, we have had incidents of eggs being thrown at the patio deck and instances of graffiti,” said Nathan Markwart, president of GLCR. “We have had times when members have been pushed, or subjected to lewd comments or gestures. This is what we want to avoid. We can avoid that through a reasonable exemption.”

Once the smoking bylaw change goes into effect on July 15, members will be required to smoke in the alley, or in the poorly lit parking lot behind the building.

Speaking to council on Monday night, Markwart asked for an exemption in the smoking bylaw to be put in place for patio smoking at the facility to protect the privacy and safety of its members. 

“One of the main concerns, in addition to safety and security, was that of privacy of expression,” Markwart said. “There are members who may not feel comfortable identifying their attendance of the club, and may be struggling with their expression, be that gender expression or sexual orientation.”"

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